Since I've been playing in LR3, I thought I'd share a bit of what I've been doing. I've taken some of my personal favorites and done some tweaking. Some is dramatic, some is subtle, but side by side, you can see the difference a little post processing can make to even a damn good picture (and I do take some damn good pics on occasion).


The images are original followed by processed. I'm just curious what y'all think.

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Unless I screwed up, that pic is a link to a gallery of shots...should be more than one.

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So the first two pics are dramatically better after postprocessing, even though the differences are subtle. I find that pretty cool.

DSC_0053-2.jpg, though, loses some detail because the saturation is yanked up so high. I wouldn't personally do that, because DSC_0053.jpg is already a gorgeous picture with plenty of color!

OTOH, I really think DSC_0727-2.jpg benefits from the saturation being yanked up. So figure that out!

I'm really impressed with the change to DSC_2264-2.jpg. (The cliffs)

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Re: 0053-2: Yeah, with that one all I did was enhance dynamic range. No HSL modding at all, just because I wanted to see what the effects were. The original is a great picture, but it still has that slightly washed out look to it, and I want to find a way to clean it up without destroying it, which is turning out to be really hard.

Re: 0727-2: I think with the original I wasn't paying attention to my WB (I do that a lot, unfortunately...I've taken to leaving it on auto just because the Nikon is usually good enough, where if I forget to set it for current conditions, it will ruin an otherwise potentially great shot).

Re: 2264: That was a really long distance shot on a pretty hazy day, in case that wasn't obvious. Getting that one cleaned up was actually fairly difficult. Mostly because I'm still learning my way around LR. I'm sure someone who has spent plenty of time with it could do it pretty quickly and easily.

Just for you I included the only two shots (out of over a hundred) of the Fody that were worth keeping, and just very subtly cleaned them up.

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Great post! I want to see a follow up to this topic


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