Tomorrow evening, I get to deal with the TSA. I have no doubt that their 'random' search will once again involve me getting half naked in an airport because I refuse to fly in a fucking suit. I wish, just once, I could tell those fuckers to piss off. But no, not in America, land of the free. It'd be a short trip to a holding room, and probably cost me my clearance in the long run.

Hey, assholes, I have been more thoroughly investigated than ANY of YOU fuckers standing around the metal detector have, I have access to shit that would scare the living fuck out of you, and I am more trustworthy than any of you. Why the fuck am I the one who gets hassled by you minimum wage pricks as a matter of course? And why do we put up with this shit?

On that note, I'll be spending the next four days in the desert in the land of The Governator.

Hopefully, when they search my luggage, they won't steal my socks.
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