It was a domestic weekend. Spent much money at the Home Despot. What started as a simple project to replace the first couple feet of dryer exhaust hose has turned into a complete replacement of all of it. The guy who came out to do our yearly service on the dryer on Friday took one look at the dryer and told me the vent was clooged before he even bothered to check it and verify. The original people who installed the dryer (we bought a new washer, dryer, and refrigerator when we bought the house, as those didn't convey and since we had been renting ever since we moved from Chesapeake to Fairfax, we didn't already have them) and the maintenance guy last year both missed the fact that the vent hose was clogged. We sort of vaguely knew something was wrong since drying a load of clothes takes about a year. I wish I had gotten this guy's name and number, just so I could show him the vent tube. It's totally filled with lint from end to end. He said that when this sort of thing happens, it's just a spot where the lint that doesn't get caught in the trap in the drum (which is normal, it's not perfect, and you should check the vent hose/tube off your dryer for proper flow annually) and builds up over a couple years and finally closes the air flow off. I don't want to know how long it takes to fill the vent tube (a 20ft. run, just so you can really appreciate how bad it is) from end to end.

Quick Edit: This is a fire hazard. The air in the drum doesn't exit through the lint screen (trapping the vast majority of lint), and instead is forced out of the seams in the drum, meaning the dryer chassis fills with dry soft flammable dust.

Quick edit again: The lint is also WET, since the dryer tries it's damndest to force moist air out through the tube. This lint is ancient, hasn't been dry in years in all likelihood, and is obviously growing mold. Thus the decision on my part to just replace the entire dryer ventilation system, wholesale. When all was said and done, I think I made 7 trips to Home Depot and Sears Hardware yesterday.

I'm not just replacing tubing, I'm rerouting it as well. This meant I had to buy a hole saw. I bought a 5" hole saw. It required a 1/2" drill. I only had a 3/8" drill, so then it was off to buy a new drill (I LIKE the new drill, much nicer than my cheezy little 3/8" which will spend the rest of it's existance as nothing more than a powered screwdriver). I'm also replacing the actual exhaust vent as well.

I didn't start this way. I started with a single section of 6'x 4" flexible aluminum hose and a 90 degree bend. The plan was just to replace the first section of hose, but after removing it, I found that I wasn't far enough out to get past the blockage. So I removed the next section. Still no joy. I have determined that the hose is full of lint. It probably took ten years (or maybe the people before the previous owners had a defective dryer, when we looked at the house prior to making the offer, we looked at the washer and dryer since we didn't know whether they would convey or not, and they were only a year or two old). I suspect the people who had the house before us had dryer issues as well, and no idea why, or they would have fixed it. These are the people who hand laid all the stonework around the flower beds in the yard, put in cabinets everywhere, put in underground hose throughout the yard (the black type that sweats when water and pressure are applied), and resurfaced the driveway. Trust me; they'd have fixed it if they knew.

I also replaced all the doorknobs on the ground floor with handles. Door knobs suck; door handles are stylish, functional, and do not suck for a variety of other reasons. Changing out all the door handles was supposed to be be the more time consuming and difficult of the things I did around the house. It of course when flawlessly after three trips to Home Depot because I bought the wrong things the first time. I don't think we need keyed locks on the basement and bathroom, just the front door and the door to the garage, I'll take these back now and get normal internal door handles. Oh look, these dead bolts are dual keyed instead of having an internal knob, and since in the the event that I want to leave the house in a hurry because maybe it's on fire or something and fucking around with keys and trying to unlock the doors is somewhere on the top of the list of shit people who want to die do, I guess I'll take yet another trip and make yet another return and yet another purchase. It looks really nice though. All the door handles and locks are now nickel finish instead of brass, and match the carpet. With the freshly painted walls and trim, the house is really coming along.

And hey, I stole an election from [ profile] cerebrate:

Your Election Campaign by dshaw
Political leaning
Your running-matecorruptedjasper
The current presidentrimrunner
The current vice-presidentrobeli
Your election slogan"Lets hide!"
People who love you the mostupper-middle-class
A flipfloppable subjectlegalization of marijuana
The name of your presidential dogSaddammie
Your total funding$286,853
Your chance of success: 85%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

So yeah, it's Monday. Doesn't that just suck?

And it's a fucking freezer in my office.
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